About us

IMG_7601We are young journalists. We spent one week in Hungary, talked to refugees and people who are connected to them. We created this platform to show the diversity of voices on this issue. We have four teams. To check our work pick the format of story you want to see:






2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Butt Sadaqat AHMED says:

    Wishing your team a nice day!

    I really like your efforts and want to be the part of your team. I am from Pakistan and came to Hungary in July 2009 and got recognized refugee status in 2009. I am a Post Graduated in Economics & Business Management and worked in Bank as Regional Manager EMEA. Currently working in IT Software Company as Business Development Consultant. I am also the Founding Memeber of AMJ Mo. Alapítvány in Budapest which was founded in Sept. 2013. We also did humanitarian support acitivities and ready to work together with you.

    I would like to be the part of your team as volunteer in all humanitarian supporting activities.

    Kindly let me know your next meeting or support activities and keep me posted your further programs. Thanks in-advance.

    Best Regards – Ahmed
    Direct Cell: +36 20 445 7541
    Email: sadaqat1978@live.com


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